And The Winner of the SCOTTEVEST Travel Vest Is…

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My Contest: I’m Giving Away A SCOTTEVEST Travel Vest has come to a close. 
A couple of ways to enter were by following me on Twitter and Facebook. I want to thank everyone that signed up. (Thanks to everyone following me prior to the contest too!)

Another way to gain entries was by leaving a comment about why you want to win the 
SeV Travel Vest.
Here are my Top 5 responses (in no particular order):
  • Being able to drop the extra “gear” when traveling and use the scottevest instead for all my storage needs would be golden! thanks for the opportunity- Joseph G.
  • What a great product for traveling. A carry on along with this vest would be all I need! Would love to win this product – thanks for the contest!- Mike K.
  • I would love to have this vest so when I travel I don’t have to carry a small backpack or bag. Everything will fit inside. Thanks for the opportunity to win!- Kathryn I.
  • Very easy to listen to my iPod while keeping it and other electronics and documents concealed away from pick pockets.- Joel
  • I’m a carryon-luggage traveler, and this good looking vest would let me bring some electronics and photo equipment that often have to stay at home- Miles
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 Before announcing the winner, just a few things…. 

  • I want to thank SCOTTEVEST for being so generous and sponsoring this giveaway! 
  • I also want to congratulate SCOTTEVEST on a big milestone: On Tuesday SeV reached 50,000 Likes on Facebook and offered a limited 50% Off Sale to thank it’s fans. (check out my post about it here)

And the winner is… Jeff G. for his comment- “I have always wanted a vest!” 
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Congrats to Jeff !!! I’ll be contacting you to get the info needed to get you your vest.

I want to thank everyone for participating in my contest.
Make sure to visit my blog daily for posts featuring info about all things travel!

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2 thoughts on “And The Winner of the SCOTTEVEST Travel Vest Is…

  1. Congrats Jeff! Michael, I feel like a little kid at the theme park who waits 45 minutes in the roller coaster line, to have the carnie walk up to him with the height stick and tell me I’m too short… lol. Not gonna lie, I just skimmed the post to see if I found my name and got all excited until I read the whole thing. Seeing myself on the top of the “Top 5 responses” got me all giddy inside. Then came out the height stick 😉
    Thanks for the opportunity brotha man! I should start reading all the way through instead of skimming for details… lol

    1. I am cracking up laughing from your comment and love the analogy! I think we are all guilty of skimming as we read at times. Sorry the height stick had to come out but I am glad that you had the lotto fever for just a few minutes! (Not sure that the prize is exactly like winning the lotto but it is pretty nice!)

      Thanks for entering and keep checking back, I should have more giveaways in the future!

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